Fighting Sexual Abuse

Since the fall of 2002, Department of Computer Science, Nesna University College, has been working with a project called “Getting involved”. The project is a part of the undergraduate course in Computer Science, and the course Social Informatics. The main focus of the project is to try to fight the constant sexual abuse of children on the Internet with information and awareness projects directed both towards the computer students of Nesna University College and towards the local computer industry and local primary, secondary and upper secondary level schools.

A secondary focus is to get the students more involved in the various topics contained in Social Informatics, by using case study teaching. Our hope is that using case study teaching would liberate the students from their preconceived notion that Social Informatics was tedious and not practicable.

Take a look at my Poster Presentation from the ITiCSE 2006 for more information, and this web page from Save The Children Norway (in Norwegian).

If you want to know more, you should also have a look at the project`s Moodle page (in Norwegian), and its offcial education blog (in English), and the Social Informatics Blog (in Norwegian).


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